Richard Loves Chillies!

Here’s a ‘totally random picture’ as well as loving Photography I also LOVE Chillies, they just about go in everything I cook and eat, I should seek help.
I also use Instagram on my mobile and you can see lots of pictures like these (and food I love) on or searching for ‘Richard Sunday’ on your Instagram App
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Lisa’s Kids! – March 2014

Lisa and the Kids!

Colin, Sandrine & Family, February 2014

Colin, Sandrine and the kids Family Photoshoot!

Random Blog Shots – Milk!

Sometimes when you are out and about, you can’t resist taking a Photograph, and having a Mobile to hand there’s no reason not to – While out shopping I saw this spilt milk and bent down and zapped it before uploading it to instagram – sometimes you have to ignore the strange looks, but at this time in my life, you could say I’m used to it ;-)

Elicia & Saskia, March 2014

Elicia & Saskia

Chris, Paula & Family, February 2014



Chris and Paula

Nicola & Family, February 2014

Nicola & Family

Leo and Lucas, December 2013

Leo and Lucas

Random Blog Shots – Beef Stew!

Here’s one of my camera-phone shots I just love to do, an above view of some ‘Beef Stew’, theres something about the composition and colour I like and always get that ‘magazine cover’ type feeling – you can see more of my random food shots and more via Instagram searching my name ‘Richard Sunday’

Bracelet Product Shoot, November 2013

Bracelet Product Shoot